Writing vs. Social Media

I spend a lot of time online. I’ve broken down my day before, and even now, mentally doing it, I know I spend a lot of time online. Some of it is valid social media/networking/getting myself out there.

Some of it is many hours of Tumblr. Which isn’t productive, but often is a good stress release. Right up until you feel obligated to not miss any posts. Aaaand then it’s a problem. And it can become more complicated when you have multiple masks. I try to keep my Writing Self separate from Average Me. So separate blogs, Twitter accounts, emails. And I have multiple tumblrs. (And more email accounts than you can shake several sticks at.)

When does it become too much? I was just re-watching an episode of xxxHolic where the ‘case’ for the episode had internet addiction to the point where she was not playing with her son because she was too busy online. The answer was to cut her off completely from the internet, but she had to be the one to want to do it and for herself.

I don’t think I’m too that point (I would hope my friends would say something), but the internet definitely lets me saturate myself in my vice: keeping busy. I hate not being ‘productive’ and the internet always makes me feel active. Productive. Even if it’s not.

The setting of monthly goals is helpful, because it obviously keeps me on task, but I wonder what else I’d be able to do if I put my mind to it instead of scrolling endlessly through Tumblr. On the other hand, I have few vices or “relaxing hobbies,” so what harm is it?

I may trim back in the future, but I need to take a look at what needs to get done that isn’t getting done. What’s wearing me out and what’s keeping me from burning out.

When do you think it’s too much?

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