May already?

April’s goals
1. Do light edits/clean up 2 shorter stories and find beta readers to see if they are worth seeing the light of day.
2. Work on BAW, which I just printed out. That’s kind of a monster of a task, since I need to write the end and reevaluate the whole thing. Cue weeping.
3. Get out to the barn more and actually get on a horse. For the first time in nearly 2 years.


1. I only got to one, but it needed a lot more text added, so I think that counts. And it can’t go to a beta because I want to do another read since I added so much. I think that was pretty solidly done.

2. I’m a little over halfway done my read on this. It definitely needs a lot of work, so this will be ongoing, but I made fairly good progress. Not as much as I would have liked, but progress.

3. Did it. Yay! Unfortunately there is going to be a hiccup in my insurance coverage soon, so that may interfere with more riding for a bit.

May’s goals

1. Finish 1st reads on BAW. Maybe start developing things.

2. Finish current 2 knitting projects.

I have a lot going on in my personal life right now (job change, mainly), so that’s all I’m aiming for in May. Knitting has been a good relaxant for me, although I wasn’t really using it much. I feel like I want to do more, but things are so out of sorts right now that pushing more seems like I’d be pushing myself for failure. I’m feeling rather tenuous as is, so let’s leave it at that.

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