Nearly Ides of July

July’s goals1. Finish one level of Code Academy – That’s 6 hours of stuff, so it’s a mouthful, but hopefully I won’t choke.
2. Read a new, nonwork-related book. Just one. I mostly have been rereading old favorites and stuff for work. And I’ll even count rereading books that I read a long time ago (pre-accident) and no longer remember.
3. Work on side project of mystery goal.
4. Write a thousand words OR prep a story for submission. Oh yeah, I do that sometimes, don’t I?

Well, I haven’t bombed yet.

1. I haven’t actually worked on this at all. I may have overaimed here, not realizing how busy summer is, especially when I’m trying to do stuff.

2. Technically I did this. It wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind, but I re-read Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen, which I haven’t read in years, so it counts (and I’d forgotten much of what happened). So yes, this one is done.

3. I finished step one of mystery side project. I’ve started on step 2. For better or worse.

4. I was very lucky and last weekend I think I blasted out my thousand words for the ending of BAW. I still have plenty of work to go on it, but it’s progress and lets me check this one off.

Still the rest of the month to go, so hopefully I’ll pick up slack where it’s happening. But I’d like to do a little more with number four. …and I may have just gotten an idea of what to do with it.

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