Goals for the birthday month

July’s goals1. Finish one level of Code Academy – That’s 6 hours of stuff, so it’s a mouthful, but hopefully I won’t choke.
2. Read a new, nonwork-related book. Just one. I mostly have been rereading old favorites and stuff for work. And I’ll even count rereading books that I read a long time ago (pre-accident) and no longer remember.
3. Work on side project of mystery goal.
4. Write a thousand words OR prep a story for submission. Oh yeah, I do that sometimes, don’t I?

I actually wasn’t expecting to do as well here as I did. I threw a lot of stuff down hoping I’d do some of it and feel victorious.Instead:

1. Finished the HTML/CSS level of Code Academy. I’m not sure how much I remembered, and I’m planning on making a cheat sheet for the codes, and I want to apply what I’ve learned to a “website” but I feel good about what I learned.

2. This was a slight cheat, because I re-read Whistling in the Dark. That counts as a  non-work book, but it’s also one I’ve read before. I also read it because I had just finished working on two historical novels, and I had an itch to read it again. For my house-sitting adventure, I’ve packed a novel to read, but not sure that’s gonna happen. Time works differently here.

3. I did what I set out to do so far with this. The project still has groundwork I need to do, but I feel like I took the big step that I needed to here.

4. I wrote 1,000+ words for BAW, plus some other stuff, so this was a win. However, it also brought to my attention how much more work BAW needs. GROAN.

August’s goals
1. Apply what I learned from Code Academy into a website project.

2. 1,000 more words written

3. Review HtPD and see if it can become something. Currently it’s super short so it either needs to get more written for it to stand alone, or I need to hunt down an anthology for it to fit into.

I think that’s it for now. I’m feeling all panicky today, so I’m not sure if I’m underachieving or if I’m overachieving right now.

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