Food and knitting is all I think about.

Eating healthy and exercising is hard, guys. Just wanted you to know. Because you didn’t. Obviously. It’s absolutely a secret.

This is my current knitting project (one of three…*cough*). Because I have to count the stitches, it’s progressing a bit more slowly than I’d like. (Not at all because I’m working on three projects.) I imagine it’s going to be for the baby’s first birthday rather than when he’s born. Oops. I still think it’s coming along well, and I even screwed up the stitches and was able to fix the count so I’m back on track!

But seriously, it’s hard to count stitches and read subtitles at the same time. My brain just can’t do it anymore.

The “focus on one writing project at a time” thing is going fairly well. I’ve even been trying to sneak in a half hour or hour of writing in the morning some days during the week so my writing days aren’t limited to two. It won’t happen all the time, but I’m making better progress this month on my word count than I was! Every 500 words counts, right?

I’m going to go absolutely not think about cooking another grilled cheese sandwich…

Not going to think about food at all.


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