July Arrives!

We have reached the half-year point, and I feel obligated to take a look at how I’m doing on those new year’s resolutions.

Take care of my teeth!
I’ve been rather lackluster on this one. I think I did it for like a week. And then forgot about it. I should…start up again.

Make necessary doctors’ appointments!
Definite “necessary”….I made some good appointments, but haven’t made the ones I really needed to make. I was trying to do one “betterment” item a month. And I’ve skipped a lot of months.

Make MORE necessary doctors’ appointments

Work on generally treating my body well (exercise, eating, stretching, and RELAXING).
I’ve done OK on this regard (woohoo!). I had some time in February and March that weren’t going well….and that probably leaked into April and I noticed it really affecting me. But May/June have gone pretty good. I haven’t lost weight or anything, but I’ve been more active and more focused on my food consumption. I still don’t always make the best choices, but I’m at least aware I’m making poor choices?

I’ve been stretching, but only barely. And mostly in relation to riding horses.

And I’ve never relaxed a single day in my life, I swear. But doing things that are less stressful but make me feel productive and that counts as relaxing to me!

…and this post seems like I’ve not been doing anything. But I’ve been hitting (or surpassing) my smol word count goal every month (mostly. Last month was tough). I’ve been working on revisions to stories based on beta reads, and I’ve been donating money to good causes every month. So…not a complete slacker. But I possibly forgot what my goals were this year. 😛

Hope you’re doing better in that regard than I am!

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